The Big Book with Study Notes

slide4On the following pages you’ll find the text of the first edition of ‘Big Book’ – Alcoholics Anonymous accompanied by a wealth of historical notes and multimedia resources. You can choose to simply read or go deeper into the text by clicking the little footnote numbers to read the respective note. Once you’re finished reading a footnote simple click the little blue arrow to return to where you were.

If you have any notes you think might be suitable for adding to the project please feel free to add them in the comments section.

Click the chapter you’re interested in to begin reading.

The Foreword
The Doctor’s Opinion
Chapter 1 – Bill’s Story
Chapter 2 – There is a Solution
Chapter 3 – More About Alcoholism
Chapter 4 – We Agnostics
Chapter 5 – How it Works
Chapter 6 – Into Action
Chapter 7 – Working With Others
Chapter 8 – To Wives
Chapter 9 – The Family Afterward
Chapter 10 – To Employers
Chapter 11 – A Vision For You



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