microphone-159768_1280Now before we go any further, let’s be clear: this website is not in any way associated with or approved by Alcoholics Anonymous or any of its groups, service committees or offices. It is entirely independent. Merely a resource for the curious minds in Alcoholics Anonymous.

The internet isn’t short of research and history websites about Alcoholics Anonymous. So why, you may ask, do we need another one? The truth is that many of these existing sites use outdated software, are hard to navigate, are not mobile friendly, push agendas and aren’t search engine friendly. There also is very little online besides the official website that reflects AA practices and events in the UK and since our service structure is quite different to the USA, some material can be confusing.

With this is mind and with the support of a few friends AA Wiki was born. AA Wiki has the following aims.


We aim to make material relevant, easy to find and to provide that material in useful contemporary formats. We want to avoid controversy wherever possible and remain balanced at all times. We encourage contribution in the sharing of knowledge and experience. We honour the principles of anonymity and respect.


Yes, you too are welcome to contribute to this site. All articles must comply with our terms and conditions but in simple terms they must balanced and respect others.

There’s plenty more to come, articles and resources will be added as time permits. We hope you’ll come back soon or sign up to our newsletter to stay updated.

If you’d like to get in touch or would like to know more about AA Wiki, feel free to email us at contact@aawiki.org.


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