Rainbow Rocket Shop LogoWelcome to our AA Gift Shop! Well... AA inspired gift shop! Having something with you or nearby, much like a sobriety chip, has proved to be a useful prompt for many alcoholics through the years. Like any website we have running costs and so to help meet those costs and deliver great products we're proud to be partnered with The Rainbow Rocket Shop, a design group committed to bringing beautiful products to those of us in recovery.

Who's Making my AA Gift?

Every member of The Rainbow Rocket team is in recovery. Some for many years and others for a few months. Each bring their own flavour to the designs. While only a new venture, we're excited to see new products arrive as they develop. Rainbow Rocket are committed to locally sourced products wherever you may be in the world.

This page will update as more and more products become available but for now why not take a look at the latest additions to the range? By buying through Etsy or eBay you can be confident of a secure, hassle free shopping experience buying your AA gift for yourself or a friend.

If you have any questions about these products or would like to make a request for a design you'd like, do drop us a line.

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